Thoughts on a Sunday afternoon in January

3 adults, 1 teen, a toddler and a big dumb dog set out on an adventure on a sunny Sunday afternoon in January.  The dykes were calling to us. Nestled on the shores of the Fundy Basin in the heart of the Annapolis Valley is a town bordered by some of the most fertile ground in the country.  It is created partially by the dyke system built by the Acadian settlers over 300 years ago.  The dykes stretch for miles and offer the adventurous a route out into the tidal basin to view the beauty of Cape Blomidon.  Some of our party were daunted by the prospect of the famous valley MUD but we set out anyway.  The surrounding hills were capped in snow but the soil on the dykes was soft and wet as a result of a warm breeze blowing in off of the ocean.  The wind filled our coats like the sails of a squadron of ships sailing in formation.  Somewhere on the breeze you could smell a hint of spring and taste the promise of summer. Under the surface, life was pulsing like the rhythm of a song...almost makes you feel like writing.


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