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Heart Strings

This new offering of songs was released late in 2012. Please feel free to share the tracks below.

1:  Fly With You  

You're the reason I smile
Even when the sky is grey
Come and sit with me awhile
Let's keep the world at bay

I want to fly with you
Nothing else will do
You raise me up when my world is down
Just want to fly with you

Lets build a memory
Only get one turn around
Choose a star, Lets believe
It's heaven on the ground

Won't have any regret
Going to walk this path with you
Hold on tight, lets not forget
Through dark, the sun shines through

2:  Truly Dearly Always 

I heard your voice on the phone tonight
My heart lifted, something just felt right
Have we seen the final curtain fall
Still I love you truly, dearly, always

I just want you to know
For all my days I will love you
No matter what we tell each other
I'll love you truly, dearly, always

Does the dark always match the light
We dance in the sun, and cry in the night
When your heart breaks, the silence lives on
Still I love you truly, dearly, always

A piece of my heart, you will always own
I don't want you to feel alone
Wherever you go, whatever you do
Still I love you truly, dearly, always

3: Here Is My Life  

Sometimes there's just no answers to find
We just learn to understand
The sun's burning hot, and I'm blinded
By the fast blowing sand
And now, I'm searching for water

Here is my life
I'm Holding on tight
Here is my life
Please somehow, let me find home

These days are filled with introspection
Questions the core of my soul
Clues lost in the dark, I strive to find
To piece together the whole
And now I'm searching for light

Can't always make a right from a wrong
Or change the fossil in a stone
Must loosen the chains that hold you down
Sometimes you do it alone
And now I'm searching for peace

4: I'm Not Trying to Write You a Long Song 

Everyone needs someone like you
You bring a smile to my day
You make me want to dance in the rain
And get down on my knees and pray

I'm not trying to write a love song
Or make sense from right or wrong
I'm just loving you in this moment
That's where my heart is content
I'm not trying to write you a love song

Everyone needs someone like you
You make me laugh when I should cry
You give me hope when life is throwing stones
And fuel my dreams to reach for the sky

I'm not trying to write you a love song
I just wrote you another love song

5: Quit Wasting My Time 

There won't be a next time
I know I've had enough
The brakes are on and I'm calling your bluff
Now I'm putting on my coat
Slipping on my dancing shoes
I'm done with you, giving me the blues

Cause I'm done with you
Wasting all of my time
Can't you see it's really over
You had your chance to make it right
Now I'm leaving you tonight
Darlin', Quit wasting my time

Tell me what are you going to do
When it sinks in that I'm gone
Darlin', pour yourself a cold one
Cause by now I'm far away
Found my smile and my courage
We're all packed up, and now I'm paying for storage

6: What I Should Have Done Yesterday 

Can't take back words said
Or change what is
I stare at your picture
Know our love lives…. Please stay strong

I'm going to do today
What I should have done yesterday
I'm going to call you up
To say that I Love you

I can't walk your path
At this time
Gain strength in the headwind
Your life you'll find…. Please stay strong

People get broken
But they do heal
Our hearts give us shelter
For love we feel…. Please stay strong

7: A Breath Away 

We packed your bags
We did look brave
We faked a smile
Just for awhile
You looked back, tears fell, we said Goodbye

Now home's a place
I stare through haze
I close my eyes
Love tells no lies
I look back, tears fall, for our goodbye

Now the silence is golden
And my heart's wide open
My darling, you're just as close as a breath away
Your smile lives in my heart
I call your name in the dark
My darling, you're just as close as a breath away

Now I wonder
What its all for
Can time heal us
Will heart's entrust
I look back, tears fall, to say hello

I can't be free
You're in the breeze
You're everywhere
My heart's stripped bare
I look back, tears fall, to say hello

8: Home

I go back in time
Walk the shores of my mind
Feel the sun on my face
And the warmth of my home in Nova Scotia
It's been too long

I need to go back to the
Peaceful river bed
Hear the sound of its music
Flowing through my head and remember
Just who I am

Sometimes we need to get back to
Where we started from
To find ourselves again
To feel that love
We call home

We are gambling with time
To fulfill our needs
We lose sight of the shore
And stumble around like we're lost in the dark
We call out our name

Like a ship in a storm
Searching for the light
We find ourselves knocking
On the door of our hearts to find the answers
That we already know

9: Without You 

Without you… Would I love the way I do
Your brighter than heaven's lights in the sky
Without you… Would I welcome each new day
Our love is real, something money cannot buy

Don't you ever doubt my love
You're my blessing from above
I would walk a thousand miles
Just to see one of your smiles
Just to see one of your smiles

Without you… Would I watch the falling leaves
You're the colours in the sky at breaking dawn
Without you…Would I dream of forever
You bring sunshine, long after summer's gone

Without you… Would my love die unknown
You're the reason I am a better man
Without you… Would I smile in the Rain
You give me strength, because you took my hand

10: Victoria 

I remember the day when your life was taken away
With so much life yet to live
Your life was not in vain, you left your handprint on the world
So much love you did give

Life lives on, your grand-daughter's born
The seasons change, Life's re-born
Victoria, Victoria

I look in her eyes, and see your promise never dies
Your strength survives in your son
The world's a better place, because you shared your life with us
Victorious, even when you're gone